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July 16, 2018

A mantra is a word or a set of words, or a sound that is used in japa meditation or mantra meditation.
It is believed that by repeating this word or phrase, your mind will plant it in your subconscious mind and you will present it in your everyday life.
An example we like to use is, one of our customers was going to a rough period of her life - divorce - and she needed the strength to continue in her path in a positive way. After choosing the "I am Stong" Mantra in her meditation practice along with her obsidian mala - she experienced a sense of confidence, strength in her life - something that she was lacking.

When we design and make our malas, we choose a specific mantra - a set of words- for each of our designs, how do we do this? Every gemstone has a set of characteristics and energies that can influence people towards certain traits or qualities, with these in mind, we allocate the mantras for the specific designs.

Can I change my mantra?
Absolutely! Mantras are best if are personalized for your current situation or intention. You can start by writing down on a piece of paper the answers to the following 5 questions:

What are my current worries?
What are my current challenges?
What motivates me?
What is it that I want more of?
What are my short-term goals?

After answering these 5 questions, you will find a pattern that will help you define what your intention is and will help you come up with your mantra for this period of your life.

Examples of intentions that you will come up with are:

Is it more SELF-LOVE to Increase Confidence?
Is it more STRENGTH to let go of the loss of a loved one?
Is it better COMMUNICATION to connect with a LOVED one?

Potential Mantras for these would be :

"I am enough" or "I am confident" if you are going through a period of personal doubt or personal troubles.

If you want to find out more about how a simple mantra such as "I am enough" can counter the inner demons of a person who is facing depression, listen to Marissa Peer a british speaker, therapist and behavioural expert.

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