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July 02, 2018

As you start using your mala in your everyday life, it will absorb external energies and frequencies from the people you surround with and from the environment that you spend time in. These energies in your mala might misalign your intentions - if you feel that your mala doesn't have the right energy - It is time to cleanse your mala to recharge it and free it from external energies.

At MeruBeads we have three easy recommendations that will help you regain the original intention you had set for your mala.

  • Wash your mala with warm soapy water
  • Let it get some sunlight and moonlight.
  • To freshen up the tassel or if it has missed its shape - wet your hand with diluted fabric softener and gently grab hold of of the tassel with your palm and slightly and slowly pull down a few times until the tassel is wet, let it dry overnight by hanging your mala on your doorknob. If needed and while the tassel is damped, you can cut any longer strays from the end of the tassel

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