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Obsidian Wrap Bracelet for Women - Small / Medium Size

Black Obsidian - It is Believed that Obsidian Blocks Negativity, Helps Protect Against Depression, Symbolizes Self-Control & Resilience.

Double Wrap Mala Beads Bracelet - Each Mala Bead Wrap Bracelet will be Unique and May Vary Slightly in Color and Size Because MeruBeads Are Made From Natural Gemstones, Volcanic Rocks and Precious Woods. Every MeruBeads Bracelet and Necklace Has a Nice Real Weighted Feel To It.

Handcrafted with Love - Every Bracelet is made with a durable double Elastic String for Extra Strength - Use it as a quick meditation tool on those moments of anxiety Stressed or when you want to Focus in Your Intention. Quick Mediation Guide is Included - One Size Fits All

100% Happiness Guaranteed - We Made Each And Every MeruBeads Necklace with Love and Passion, and We Hope You Love it As Much As We Do - In The Rare Case You Are Not Happy - We Will Gladly Refund Your Payment in Full For Up To 90 Days!

What's Included ? - Inside the Beautiful MeruBeads Box You Will Find A Gorgeous 100% Inspected Handmade Mala Bead Bracelet, Carefully Packed in a 100% Cotton Carry Bag - For You to Keep Your Mala Bead Bracelet Clean and Safe. There is also a "I am Strong" Mantra Card for the Obsidian MeruBeads Wrap Bracelet

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