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Amethyst Pocket Mala - 54 Beads Mini Mala

“I am Decisive” Amethyst Pocket Mala — It is Believed that Amethyst Gemstones Have Stability, Calmness and Intuition Properties, Natural Stress Reliever, Increases Clarity of Mind and Facilitates Decision Making.



Pocket Size 54 Bead Mala - Made of 100% Authentic 8mm Hand knotted Gemstones Beads, A Cotton Tassel for Extra Durability, a Guru Bead to Count your Mantra Cycles. Handmade delicately by Mindful Artisans with Love and Care. Designed To Be Carried with You Anywhere And Tucked in The Smallest of Places, Bring it out for your Special Inner Intention, Meditation, or Japa Mantra Practices To Enhance These Positive Peaceful Qualities Within Mind-body-spirit.

Children Mala Beads - Starting Kids On A Meditation Journey Can Be As Simple As Leading By Example. When Your Kids Observe You In Meditation, It Sets A Tone That Children Can Learn From.  Our Children Mala Beads Make A Wonderful Tactile Tool To Teach Children About Meditation And Mindfulness. Meditation Helps Kids Create Calm, Develop Focus, Regulate Their Own Emotions, Build Self-awareness And Learn How To Pay Attention Inside And Out. It Gives Them A Sense Of Center And Resilience.

Handcrafted with Love - Each Bead is Hand Knotted and Threaded on Durable Cotton String for Extra Strength, Wear it as a Necklace or Wrap it Around your Wrist Loosely and Wear it as a Wrap Bracelet. One Size Fits All.

100% Happiness Guaranteed - We Made Each And Every MeruBeads Necklace with Love and Passion, and We Hope You Love it As Much As We Do - In The Rare Case You Are Not Happy - We Will Gladly Refund Your Payment in Full For Up To 90 Days!

What's Included ? Inside the Beautiful MeruBeads Box You Will Find A Gorgeous 100% Inspected Handmade Mala Beads With a Silk Tassel Protector, Carefully Packed in a 100% Cotton Carry Bag - For You to Keep Your Mala Clean and Safe. There is also a "I am Decisive" Mantra Card for the Amethyst MeruBeads Mini Mala Version.

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