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April 03, 2020

It's end of March 2020. It's a tough time for all of us in the United States, Europe and the Rest of the World.

As the infection spreads, most of us are being told to stay indoors, disconnected from the rest of the population. Some of us are in the worst situation and have been forced to remain in lock-down and are prohibited from being out or can expect fines.

That's when our most deep-rooted fears come to life. Fear of the future, fear for our loved ones, fear of our own lives…

And when our concern grows irrationally, our mind becomes our greatest enemy.

Every thought you think, and every word you say ‚Äď it forms a plan in your mind. Your mind then sets out to¬†make this plan real.

So when you think about the worst, your mind makes it happen.

Life is full of unexpected turns. When faced with difficulties, such as an illness, death, divorce, job loss, failures or other painful life events, it can feel disorienting and you may feel as though the ground beneath you is no longer stable. Whatever you read or watch being positive or negative, it stays in your subconscious mind, and it starts working towards that.

But this particular characteristic of our mind also makes it extremely powerful.

Because if you start thinking positively and focus on all the good that can come out of this situation, your mind also makes that happen.

You see, by changing your mindset, not only will you be able to come back from adversity, but you'll also start living your best life ‚Äď regardless of your circumstances.

I invite you to  meditate daily, now more than ever, we need to be able to influence the ones who are around us, we need to be leaders of our homes, every day you get the chance to choose what you think, by meditating and setting a new intention you decrease stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity. Expect success, expect health, expect peace.

I invite you to use the following mantra meditation phrases during your meditation every day:

Now let's work on coming up with your new intention,

These powerful internal agreements that you make with yourself and then express through your actions, whether it’s in your life in general, relationships or at work.

No intention is either too small or too large. The point is to discover the right for you depending on where you are in your life and what afflictions you currently have?

Some examples of a intentions are: 

"I am Peace" If you are experiencing uncertainty
"I am Calm" To counter anxiety
"I am Success" To focus in growth
"I am Alive" If you are surrounded by sorrow 
"I am Free" If you feel trapped
"I am Strong" If you are feeling weak or ill.

Letting go of unhelpful thoughts and narratives will help us bounce back from this uncertainty. Mantra meditation is key in helping us reshift our minds.

Start your meditation by giving thanks and being grateful, as it releases dopamine and serotine neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions which makes us feel 'good', bring to mind a moment in your life where you felt pure happiness, visualize that moment.

Do that with eyes closed and your eyeballs looking up to your eyebrows - studies show it helps you get into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and your brain accepts suggestions faster - while breathing in and out.

If you¬†own¬†a¬†mala¬†necklace ūüďŅ, right now is the best time to use it.


Start your mantra meditation taking a deep breath and saying your mantra or intention "I am Peace" while traveling each bead at a time. Repeat until you have done it 108 times, reverse direction and begin again.


We will bounce back stronger than ever ūüôŹ

Keep Positive Stay Safe!
The MeruBeads Team

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